Community Outreach

Owensboro Roofing Gives Back!

Our Misson?

Giving back to those in the Owensboro community who need it most. Especially our local churches!

We are here to offer hope to the hopeless..

We are looking to breathe life back into the elderly and the ones that are struggling to make ends meet..

We started with churches and along the way we aim to build an Army of folks that are tired of talking about change and want to truly be the change...

Some of us are lost and hoping to find a piece of ourselves out here serving the community. Some of us just want to help. We are all servants. We are your neighbors, your family members, your friends and coworkers. We are the difference between talking and doing.

Join us in our mission to give back to our community! Volunteer today.

Contact us today!

We post upcoming volunteer opportunities on our Facebook daily, be sure to check the page for any upcoming events!